What is Zentangling?

If you like to draw patterns or doodle with pen and paper, you can learn to Zentangle. As the name implies, it's a Zen-like way of creating images through repetitive patterns and shapes.

Zentangling is relaxing, stimulating, entertaining, and fun!

You don't have to have had any art training to Zentangle, but if you did, here's a new way to showcase your talent.

Also known as Zendoodling, and maybe more names, it's growing in popularity every day, so read below on how you can get started.

My new Friendoodlers or ZenFriends are a very talented and creative group!

One of the first Zentanglers featured here was Molossus, who has a blog called Life Imitates Doodles

What I really like about her newest work is the use of shading and different shapes:

There's a little Ralph Steadman thing going on in this last one.

A pair of DailyDoodle videos

The Art of Zentangle

Zendifferent is good

Being somewhat unconventional and disinclined to follow the herd, I find myself attracted to the Zendoodles and Zentangles that do not follow the conventional Mandala style.  Today I encourage you to look at the many Zentangle examples I've been sharing, and think of how yours can be different from what you're used to creating.

I liken this to pottery.  One can throw a pot on a wheel, and it'll look much like every other pot thrown on a wheel.  Or you can take it off the wheel, cut here, add there, and distress it so it's unique.  Use the wheel-thrown pot as a starting point for a truly individualized clay artwork.

The same is true for Zentangle.  Maybe you got started with symmetrical designs and repetitive patterns within patterns duplicated throughout your design.  So now it's time to break out and experiment with a different style.  Add imagery, or build up several different Zentangles into a larger one that resembles something, or go for a completely asymmetrical pattern that takes on a life of its own.

Just be different.  Think of it as cross-training for your art.  If and when you return to the way you've been drawing, you'll see a refreshed attitude and appreciation for the discipline.

Zendoodling a font?

Since we last saw Zoe Ford, she's been creating letters with her zendoodles. 

and she has some other new works of note: