What is Zentangling?

If you like to draw patterns or doodle with pen and paper, you can learn to Zentangle. As the name implies, it's a Zen-like way of creating images through repetitive patterns and shapes.

Zentangling is relaxing, stimulating, entertaining, and fun!

You don't have to have had any art training to Zentangle, but if you did, here's a new way to showcase your talent.

Also known as Zendoodling, and maybe more names, it's growing in popularity every day, so read below on how you can get started.

Have a Zentangled Christmas and a Zendoodle New Year!

Thanks to everyone who has enjoyed the blog and the Facebook page.  I hope you have a healthy, peaceful holiday season, and look forward to spending more fun time with you in 2012.

Here's something new from Zoe Ford:

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  1. I just came across this post by chance! Thanks for including 'Breathe Deeply' and for linking to my website. Happy new year!